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Overwatch: Blizzard Releases New Gameplay Footage of Pharah
Justice Rains from Above!

Concussive Blast

Concussive shot flies fast and knocks opponents away to where you want them to be (like off a cliff)

Pharah launches a fast projectile that explodes on contact with anything and knocks all enemy characters away. This ability can be useful for picking off wounded characters, launching enemies away if they are a threat to teammates, or, if the shot is placed behind an enemy, launching enemies out of position and into your teammates’ waiting guns.

Ultimate Ability: Barrage

This ability is pretty straight forward: Pop Ultimate and make it rain like you were in the club trying to impress someone

Pharah launches a flurry of missiles at the target in the center of her screen, causing massive damage to those unfortunate enough to remain in her sights. While a useful ability for killing one target, it also leaves Pharah open to attacks from other enemies.

Multiple trailers and gameplay videos have shown Pharah players use Jump Jets and, at the peak of their jump, use Barrage. I would't recommend doing that since, although you get a better angle, it leaves you visible for all of your opponents to shoot at and places you far away from any cover that can help protect you. However, the benefits to this technique are that opponents caught in the spray will be damaged by both the rocket's direct hit and the explosive splash from other rockets (meaning you will do more damge). If this is the case then weighing when would be the right time and place to use Barrage will be a crucial to playing Pharah well. 

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