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Overwatch: Blizzard Releases New Gameplay Footage of Pharah
Justice Rains from Above!

Overall Opinion

Pharah with teammates
Teammates are useful as emergency bullet sponges

Pharah looks like a solid offensive class. Her rockets make short work of light classes and can bounce away more tankier classes so they can no longer be a threat. If characters like Reinhardt rely on being in a specific position to be useful to their team then Pharah’s concussive shot can knock them away, leaving their teammates wide open.

All of her abilities are also geared toward putting her into amazing ambush points, or appearing in areas where your opponents will not expect you. This can be accomplished by using Jump Jets to land on perches where you can rain rockets from above onto unsuspecting foes, and use her glide to move from perch to perch, effectively circumnavigating a map without ever needing to touch the ground floors. Concussive shot allows you to spread crowds thin or single out one opponent for you to pick off. This turns Pharah into a massive threat if the opposing team is not keeping an eye on her location at all times.

As a teammate, Pharah provides plenty of offensive punch and makes a perfect healing target for Mercy (who can get up to Pharah's altitude and glide with her). She can also knock away bothersome players or take care of soft targets that are preventing the team from accomplishing their goals.

Overall, Pharah looks like a great character with a tool for almost any situation. She possesses plenty of mechanics to help her dish out damage and escape from taking too much damage. It looks as though she is shaping into a solid choice for anyone interested in high maneuverability and massive amounts of damage.

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