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Top 10 Final Fantasy Games, Ranked Best to Worst
The greatest of all time

3. Final Fantasy IX

Airships were the best way to travel in most FF games.

The original installments of the franchise featured cartoony sprites as the main characters. Final Fantasy IX was an attempt to go back to those roots. The characters in this beloved installment look like adult children. The characters were small and cartoony, but that didn’t deter from the amazing game that it was. You started off controlling Zidane, a member of a travelling theater band, as you scheme to kidnap the princess. Who would've known that such a simple plot would've led to the foundation of a party that has to fight for the survival of their world Gaia.

The biggest theme in the game was self-discovery as almost all characters had to face a serious identiy crisis on their quest to stop Kuja from destroying the world. Zidane discovers that he is not from the world of Gaia; Vivi discovers that he was created in a lab; and Garnet has to choose between her royal duties and what her heart really wanted. All in all, this game had an amazing story and was an excellent continuation of the numbered series.

Our Rating - 4/5

Zidane with his famous monkey tail. 

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