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Top 10 Final Fantasy Games, Ranked Best to Worst
The greatest of all time

4. Final Fantasy X

Yuna frees the souls of the fallen and allows them to pass on.

This game set a landmark for full immersion into 3D graphics. It was the first game to be released on the Playstation 2 and featured a full 3D environment. The game also had voice acting, which wasn’t necessarily always a good thing, but it still marked a departure from the franchise’s previous games.

The world of Spira is under constant threat of the massive monster Sin. Tidus shows up as a stranger in Spira and journeys with the summoner Yuna to end the Monster’s reign of terror once and for all.  

This game featured the best love story amongst Final Fantasy games to date. The ending was heartbreaking as we discovered a great secret about the identity of Tidus and his relationship with the world of Spira. The ending set up perfectly for a sequel which came out not too much later, but we don’t talk about that.

Our Rating - 4/5

These creatures never seem to be reasonable sized.

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