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Top 10 Final Fantasy Games, Ranked Best to Worst
The greatest of all time

6. Final Fantasy Tactics

The cult classic chess/FF fusion.

The Kingdom of Ivalice just came out of a 50 year long war with its neighbors, and is now threatened by another civil war for the throne. The world is torn apart by war and you must try and stabilize the nation and get a regent on the throne.

This game moved away completely from its predecessors and is a complete strategy based game. Think of this as playing chess with Final Fantasy pieces. The game still shared the amazing narrative and believable characters that permeates the entire franchise. As a result, the game has received very positive reviews and has become a cult classic.

Our Rating - 3/5

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Huehuehuehue 5 years 3 weeks ago

Why isn't my life as a king on this list!? Jeeeez