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Top 10 Final Fantasy Games, Ranked Best to Worst
The greatest of all time

8. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

The most Tragic game from the very start.

This heartbreaking sequel to the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy VII was fantastic. The game was released for the Playstation Portable and featured a much more action oriented style of gameplay than that of previous Final Fantasy games.

The story followed Zach Fair as he befriended Cloud, started a relationship with Aeris, and served as a Shinra 1st class SOLDIER under the command of Sephiroth. After Sephiroth turns evil Zach has to take an incapacitated Cloud and run from Shinra agents. Eventually he has to choose between his or Cloud’s life. We all know how the story goes, and if you have a soft heart you should stay away from this one.

Our Rating - 3/5

New and action packed combat systems were incroporated in Crisis Core.

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