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The 10 Best Games Like World of Warcraft

5. Conan Exiles

Gameplay - Building a House

Conan Exiles, set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, is developed and published by Funcom.

The title describes the premise of the game pretty well. You, the player, gets convicted of several crimes and is sentenced to death. Suddenly, along comes Conan the Barbarian to rescue you. However, now that you’re an exile, you must try to survive the harsh desert called the Exiled Land. The objective is to survive and master the Exiled Land.

The game isn’t just about exploring deserts - deserts by themselves only contain so much after all. The game allows you to harvest for supplies (including - according to the official website - human flesh?), build houses, and craft furniture. You can wage war on enemy players, blow up their city walls, or even build an altar to your in-game god and bring them offerings. (Like, I suppose, the flesh of your enemies?)

While the official game isn’t out yet, there was an Early Access released for the PC. The official release date has yet to be announced. 

Exiles fighting enemies in what appears to be a cavern with a strange statue

A flying octopus attacking a settlement

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