Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II
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Total War: Rome II (2013)

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Return to the Roman empire - the world's first superpower and the ancient world's most incredible war machine as it rampages across the Mediterranean, conquering and absorbing territories to form the most formidable nation that ever existed in its time. In the largest Total War game ever created, command armies on a scale never before seen, and lead your men to a bloody game of invasion and defence, either as Rome - or against it.

With spectacularly detailed visuals and a deep focus on the emotion behind war, Rome II takes players to an overhauled, magnanimous map torn between over a hundred factions, all vying for supremacy. The victor however - can only be one.

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erekerendo's picture

erekerendo 4 years 5 months ago

Just capture the flag. Kills the strategy.

RafaelFGuilherme's picture

RafaelFGuilherme 5 years 8 months ago

Rome comes to life with this game. After a tough beginning, the problems were fixed and it only stayed a well done game. The battles can be quick or become a huge war between different nations, but in the end the better strategy will always be the winner.

MrM0rg0th's picture

MrM0rg0th 5 years 8 months ago

As a diehard Total War fan, I was disappointed. The simplifications made to the world map and managing your empire were welcome, if occasionally clunky. However, the battles were disastrous. Yes, they finally merged naval engagements with land battles. However, the 'capture the flag' approach to sieges was unrealistic. For newbies, I say go for it. For hardcore fans, prepare to be disappointed. Luckily, they've put in a lot of effort with fixing bugs and rolling out DLC.

fr34kfrag's picture

fr34kfrag 5 years 8 months ago

This is a ugly duckling that turned into a swan after several updates and patches. You can write a book with the changelog after the initial release of this quacker. Now, it is nothing more than a strategy game with so much detail you need bigger eyes to absorb it all. It is a massive improvement from the first Rome title but for some reason Shogun 2 still remains the biggest contender. It's another Total War release and still makes my eyes over dose when thousands of pixels clash in one screen.

b4kancs's picture

b4kancs 5 years 9 months ago

Rome II is a good game, and I'm not going to say otherwise. It's just not a good TW game. If you want a Rome-like strategic experience, a battlefield simulation as in Medieval II, or an AI like that of the original Medieval, you're still better off playing one of the older games (and with MODS!). Heck, even Empire felt more polished after it's initial phases. Luckily, it's 'expansion', Attila has surpassed in almost every way. There is no reason to play Rome II, not for me, anyway.

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