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About - Samuel Bond: He is an entertainment/expert games writer because he has achieved a bachelors degree in Game Art, with the addition of having more than 10 years playing games. He can adapt to any game when learning to play new ones, but also when he plays, he studies the characters, environments, and the lore. He has been writing for more than 5 years from fiction to poetry. He has also been doing his own reviews on betas and has written other gaming notes of his own. He is a Swiss army writer. He writes from the action of FPS to the head to head racing games and toward the building of a clan in fantasy games, but he does prefer the heat of the moment. Meaning when you see the competition, he is always there to document all of the great points and amazing moments you won't want to miss. Writing about games is beyond the single soul that respawns after getting eliminated. When it comes to writing, It's all about the game. We all come together to experience the new tech, group up for a new quest, or even compete against one another for the gold spot at the top of the food chain when the game ends. You can't really game alone because there will always be someone else by your side or against you. Writing about gaming is beyond what feelings or opportunities can ever grant you.

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